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Learn to Play Guitar in Less Time! Sample Lessons below!

 The Rhythm Method(tm) is a unique approach to learning how to play the guitar. It focuses on training the strumming hand before learning how to play any chords. Learning guitar can be very frustrating for beginners and one of the most confusing parts of the process is trying to learn both strumming and chords at the same time! That sort of multi-tasking can make the learning process longer and more challenging than it needs to be. 

This method helps you build confidence as you learn how to keep time first, (timing is essential). Try it for a few weeks to a month before forming chords, or, if you are already learning chords at home, practice strumming 'anywhere' with the built-in strumming device. 

Investing in The Rhythm Method includes support right from the inventor - Buck Moore

The digital files include all instructional videos, the instructional card set PDF, as well as a songwriting workbook PDF (to print).

The physical copy includes all digital files plus the printed instructional cards and a portable strumming device that you assemble (it's easy peasy!).

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Sample Guitar Lesson - for Beginners

This is a sample of some of the videos of strumming patterns and easy chords...each video is separate for downloading one by one as you learn, or you can download the entire collection at once.

The video categories each have a corresponding card to view (physical post card or PDF) as you learn each step of the method. The 'Rhythm First Guitar Method' (full name) is for beginners to intermediate guitar players, with content added periodically, but essentials are all indluced!

The Rhythm Method - Physical Copy

The Rhythm Method - digital files

Sample Video Lesson - Writing a Song

This is one of the sample lessons for putting together chords, timing, a melody and song structure, with emphasis on the rhytmic aspect of songwriting.