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Double Digits


Double Digits(tm) - What if you are on a long train ride, flight or have some down-time when you need to occupy your mind because your apps are getting boring? What if your batteries die on your smart phone? Now, with Double Digits, you can exercise your brain while entertaining yourself and others, with anywhere from 2 to 6 players! 

Double Digits is like playing ping-pong with numbers. A 'caller' randomly states a 'double digit' (like, 22-87), then the 'sequencer' establishes the sequence by stating another double digit (like, 24-85). The following numbers would be 26-83, obviously. Double Digits is definitly a boredom-killing brain game!

Problem - long trips are boring (or your batteries are dying)

Solution - play a boredom-killing brain game with easy numbers!