Film/Video Consulting, Workshops, Lunch 'n Learns


Make Your Movie!


We want you to make your movie! We are filmmakers and instructors who can show you how to make a short film, documentary or music video.

We will show you the best cameras to use for your project, what other equipment you will need, what great sound is, how to write, edit, and design the soundtrack!

Got a story to share? Let us help you do it!

Seminars & Workshops

We will be announcing dates very soon! They will be reasonably priced, about 2 hours long and with generous Q&A as well as film gear to examine, including cameras, microphones, lights and some detailed case studies. 


We can consult in person or via internet about your project and help you prepare it for cinema, TV, internet, a live presentation, special screening or educational purpose. 

If you have already shot a movie or video, we can evaluate your footage clips and audio quality to help you make it the best it can be! Also, even if you are simply interested in starting a video business, we can help with that, too. 

Lunch 'n Learn Sessions

We can visit your place of work for some advanced film and video discussions, whether it be 'film-making' tools and techniques, or video production & editing for promotional or educational purposes.

The Workplace Mock-Doc(tm)

This is a unique team-building exercise where employees and management take on different roles to make a mock documentary like The Office. It is a fun, challenging and creative way to work together to solve problems and achieve great results! 

The Filmmakers

Buck Moore - is a filmmaker, audiovisual consultant and live sound technical specialist. Buck has run his own AV company since 1998, where he has setup and operated over 4,000 live events to date, including thousands of musical acts, special events and corporate presentations. Buck has also shot and/or edited well over 75 film and video projects, some of which served as successful Internet marketing campaigns and others played at film festivals or on television, including projects for NXNE, The BBC, Bravo!, CBC and Discovery Channel. 

The United Nations and Royal Ontario Museum have also experienced Buck’s work, including the documentary Death Roe, about the world’s declining salmon population, and Lost Sense, a Royal Ontario Museum installation by renowned artist Catherine Widgery. In addition, Buck has recorded sound effects for Sound Ideas, the world’s largest publisher of sound effects, and has written articles for such prominent publications as Mix Magazine, On Stage Magazine, Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade. Buck has been a Trebas instructor since 2001 and has completed his own documentary, The Mobile Workplace.

Buck has been teaching audio and film classes since 2001. 


Colm Hogan - is a writer, director and photographer that has spent 15 years researching Toronto’s underground music culture for Sketched Out Productions. His last film, Matatu Express uncovered hip hop musicians and youth culture movements in one of Africa’s biggest slums. 

Matatu Express premiered at the 2011 NXNE and Kenya International film festival. Colm’s 2013 photography exhibit; Polaroids From Prison examined incarcerated life inside an abandoned penitentiary in Southwestern Ontario.  He is also Founder, Publisher and Editor in Chief to Digitized Graffiti, a blog specializing in music, technology and underground culture since 2010. 

Colm has been lecturing on his films to selected groups and co-teaching workshops with Buck for several years.


 "We just love writing, using cameras and making film and video projects come to life! We look forward to helping you make your movie with a reasonable budget and in less time than you'd think. ​- Buck Moore, Founder, Filmmaker, Instructor. 

This was a video shoot I was teaching on a few years ago. It was a complicated restaurant scene shot in a sports complex, made to look like a restaurant.

This is from a film workshop taught by Buck on how to get the best lighting and sound for an interview.

This short film, "Cell Phone" was shot in 2003 and accepted into The Giggleshorts Comedy Festival. It played at The Bloor Cinema as well as Innis College Theatre. Written & Directed by Buck Moore.