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Think Work, Not Job

 Think Work, Not Job is  a concept that was first developed by Buck in 2007. Buck knows that if more people thought about their 'life's work', rather than their 'jobs', they would gain a mindset enabling them to plan their lives according to their own goals and desires, congruent with any organization, inevitably leading to better workplaces no matter what the setting. 

Career Strategies

Since 2007, Buck has continued his TWNJ mission to change the perception of the word 'work' through a 25 minute documentary (The Mobile Workplace: Building Better Workplaces), the creation of a career strategy kit (The 60 Day Work Revitalization System)** and two books, which are in the editing stages ("Quit Freakin' Me Out!! - How to Lighten Up, Revitalize Your Livelihood and Enjoy Your Life's Work" and "Dead End Jobs & What Was Learned from Them"). 

Speeches & Presentations

 Buck has also given speeches and presentations on the topic, including leadership strategies, career strategies, communication skills and has helped develop career training courses for a prominent career college in Toronto, and Buck is available to speak to your group, either as a keynote speech, lunch 'n learn or seminar.

Buck offers presentations, keynote speeches and seminars on his topic, Think Work, Not Job, including lunch 'n learn sessions. Contact Buck today to find out more! 

Find out more!

TWNJ 60 Day Career Workbook

This upcoming workbook is designed to improve or change your career path with 60 days, if followed  earnestly. The process can be completed in as little as 60 consecutive days, or in 60 week days over 3 months (taking weekends off, if you prefer).

The system includes a workbook with daily journal entries to track your progress, a vision board, major goal entries, Unique Selling Proposition practice blocks, tagline practice blocks, business card design, negotiating tips and more useful, helpful career information. The hard copy also includes a set of pocket cards to help keep you on track anywhere you go!